Top 5 Allergies that Appear on the Skin or What’s Going On With My Skin.

I often see clients that have mild to severe acne. Acne that no matter what the treatment is just won’t go away. So often people want to treat it topically but if it won’t go away no matter what the dermatologist prescribes, you need to look within.

Check out what your eating, start making a food diary. There is something that you love to eat or perhaps you want to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Not always do the foods you love or embrace are great for your skin.

It’s funny, I often see people in line at natural grocers with extreme allergic acne. Their cart is filled with what I’m sure they think are the foods they should be eating but in fact it is what’s causing their acne.

Top 5 allergy that appears on the skin: Soy, gluten, nuts, sugar, and dairy.

I don’t mean to say that you should stop eating everything, just take one thing out of your diet t a time. If after two weeks there is no change but that back in and omit something else.

Keep in mind the your insides and dietary choices are reflected on your largest organ. You’re only as healthy as your skin says.