Why do I need a Facial?

I was 43 when I had my first facial. I, like most people thought that facials were just a pampering treatment that didn’t really have a place in the real world. A procedure designated for the rich or pampered or both. To my surprise, it relieved my skin of the blackheads and superficial acne, it brightened my skin and made it softer and smoother.

Nora getting a facial.

Now granted, it wasn’t that my skin was bad, it just wasn’t good. Whenever I washed my face I could feel the acne just under the surface of my skin. It drove me crazy. When people said I had beautiful skin, I would say thank you but I would think, “don’t you see all this acne?”

The first facial took all that away. Wow, who knew? I had always thought that getting a facial would just make the problem worse.

So what did the facial technically do? A cleanser to take the surface dirt off, a second cleanse to start the process of exfoliation. An enzyme mask is used to dissolves the dead skin cells encouraging skin turnover and new cell growth. A scrub can be used as a manual exfoliation to do the same thing. It opens up the pores, letting the skin breath and extract. The esthetician will help with that process by squeezing the skin. When finished with extractions a nourishment mask is used to help the skin regenerate and heal itself.

This is the first step in your personal quest for beautiful skin.


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