What Kind of Facial Do I Need?

“What kind of facial do I need, and how often?”

I have oily skin and I’m breaking out. I have normal skin and I have hyper-pigmentation. I have dry skin, and I’m breaking out.  I have combination skin, I have some blackheads and clogged pores.  With all these scenarios plus 100 others,  you need at least a european facial, in our salon it would be the Facial Extraordinaire, but to target specific conditions we have several distinct facials for you to choose.

Oily skin  needs nourishment and hydration not drying out.
Oily skin needs nourishment and hydration not drying out.

Oily skin  and breaking out, let’s do a facial that will target the oil production, dissolve the sebum (pore clogging oils)  a Salicylic Cleanser to cleanse and an enzyme mask, Sanitas Papaya Pineapple Mask or the Sanitas Cranberry Enzyme Mask would be used to open up the pores to do extractions.  Your treatment mask would include products that will nourish and revive the skin, not dry it out, I like Tea Tree Mask.   Sanitas Tea Tree Mask is a stimulating, anti-bacterial mask formulated to dissolve sebum, tighten pores and speed the healing of blemishes.   The biggest misconception with oily skin is that it needs to be dried out, drying out oily skin signals the skin to make more oil.  Moisturize, yes I said moisturize,  with an oil free moisturizer over a retinol  treatment.  This is our Acne Facial.

Depending on the amount of acne.  one or two pimples does not make a need for an acne facial.  The oily acneic skin does better when it is nourished. Now, if it is a case of grade 3 or 4 acne, that is when you sign on for an acne facial.

For severe acne Galvanic (a negative electrical current) maybe used to break up some of the cystic acne.  No, it won’t hurt, but it will melt away those underneath the skin nodes that just won’t go away.  I’ll see you once a month.

Normal skin minimal oil production, minimal shine,  you lucky people that have no pressing skin concerns, minor acne, minor hyper-pigmentation.  You still need a facial. No need to be aggressive but a good exfoliation at least every season will help keep your skin youthful and vibrant.  The Facial Extraordinaire would be perfect for you.

Normal Skin needs nourishment  and peptides to prevent aging.
Normal Skin needs nourishment and peptides to prevent aging.

For normal skin I like to start out with my Glycolic Cleanser.  It is an exfoliating cleansers that starts the process of exfoliation preparing the skin for the exfoliating mask or scrub.  Nourishment, again is the key.  A vitamin mask, add some peptides to really keep the skin resilient.

The main thing that normal skin people need to realize is all though they generally don’t have the kind of issues that other skin types have,  they tend to not take care of their skin the way other skin types do.  Just grabbing whatever products that are in the shower will be your down fall, not giving your skin the pampering and nourishment it deserves will age your skin

I’ll see you every 4-6 weeks to once a season.  As the season turns and our skin starts looking dry and  dull,  the moisturizers aren’t moisturizing, and your skin is starting to look like it might be combination, that is you signal to get a facial.


Combination skin, oily in the T-zone, dry on the checks, or maybe oily on the cheeks and forehead and dry in random places.  Your facial is going to be designed to even out your oily production  while hydrating your dry areas.  Lactic acid is great for this.  Lactic is natural humectant designed to exfoliate but geared to stimulate your skins natural ability to retain moisture.  Depending on sensitivity we can use a more aggressive mask like

Combination skin needs evening out with exfoliation and hydration.
Combination skin needs evening out with exfoliation and hydration.

Sanitas Papaya Pineapple Mask or the Sanitas Cranberry Enzyme Mask would be appropriate.  After extractions, a mixture of Sanitas Tea Tree and Re-vita-lize Mask for anti-bacterial and nourishment.  Yes the clay in the Sanitas Tea Tree Mask will help the oil production but the Sanitas Revitalize Mask will nourish and hydrate and help cellular renewal.  I’ll see you as often every 4-6 weeks to once a season.

Dry skin, we are going to hydrate and nurture you.  Whether  you are dry from over exfoliation, atmosphere, medications or health issues, we are going to treat your skin like the delicate flower that it is.  You will want an mildly exfoliating cleanser, and a gentle exfoliating mask but the key to this facial would be the nourishment.  Hyaluronic Acid would be layered under the treatment mask and moisturizer would be Sanitas Topical C to help heal.

For you I would choose the Hydrating Facial and I’ll see you every 4-6 weeks.

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