At Home Peels

Peel once a week, no more than every other day.
Peel once a week, no more than every other day.

My first thought on at home peels is to leave it to the professionals.  Since I know the majority of you will ignore that advice I want to give you do-it-yourself clients some guidance.

Please understand the peel process should be done sparingly.  You always should let your skin recover and give your skin the nutrients to recover.

I’ve been reading the directions of some of the more popular at home peel products.  They all advise to peel daily.

Please don’t.

What will happen?

Using acids on your skin daily without a break will dry out your skin, thin your skin, make your skin less resilient.

When you peel at home start slow, once a week, build up to every other day. If your skin starts to get dry, back off the frequency of the peeling.

Always peel at night so your skin has time to recover, you don’t want to peel your skin and then go out into the sun.  A solar block is a must!  With out a proper sunscreen you risk hyper-pigmentation and increased lines and wrinkles.