My Favorite At Home Peel

Love, love, love Sanitas Brightening Peel Pads.

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Immediately my skin feels the tingle and feels so fresh.  I like to exfoliate at night so when I wake up my skin is smooth, bright and soft.

The Brightening Peel Pads work on several different levels. The Glycolic Acid exfoliates and stimulates new growth; Salicylic Acid, dissolves oils, is anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory; Lactic Acid is a natural humectant, softens and reduces hyper-pigmentation; Witch Hazel tightens pores and stimulates circulation.

My skin is on the sensitive side so I use them about every 3rd night.  Even for the most resilient skin I would not recommend use more than every other night.  I like to follow the peel with Sanitas Skincare Re-vita-lize Mask.  Vitamins A, C, D, E and K and CoQ10 enhance collagen production, firm the skin and helps the skin bounce back.