If Morgan Freeman Wore Sun Block

Anti-aging Secrets I wish I Knew About


Mole are 100% Preventable

I’m always so surprised at the amount of people that don’t wear sunblock.

 Or will admittedly only where it, “sometimes.”

I know, “sometimes” means never.

Sunblock is the most undefined product that is recommended for daily use.  You don’t see it working, you don’t know if it is working, but over time if you haven’t used sunblock you will most likely see the affects of not having used sun protection.

The effects of the sun are subtle, but over time, will age and hyper-pigment the skin.  So often I hear people say that moles and hyper-pigmentation is hereditary.  The only reason these symptoms of the sun are hereditary is because no one in the family is wearing sunblock.

The key ingredients that you should look for are Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.  These ingredients create a full spectrum, that means it will protect you from UVA (aging), UVB (burning), and UVC (cancer) rays.

Typically I like to keep the SPF right in the range of 20 -30.  The reason for me is I feel fooled into believing that I don’t need to reapply after a couple of hours if I’ve been out hiking all day.  For me, the 50 SPF and 70 SPFs seem like over kill. But if you are at a high risk of skin cancer or have found to have skin cancer, of course you will need the higher SPFs.


My other reason for using products with Zinc oxide is known for its noncomedogenic and antimicrobial properties that can enhance wound healing. Titanium Dioxide full spectrum block that is noncomedogenic, doesn’t clog your pores.

Here are some of my favorites.

gloTherapeutics Solar Shade SPF 50

Solar Shade SPF 50_sensitive

This lightweight blend of natural, mineral sunscreens glides on skin and absorbs quickly, providing broad spectrum protection to shield against sun damage and prevent photo-aging.

Here’s why I like it so much.  You need so little, put it on after your moisturizer and it makes a great primer for your foundation.  For an oily skin it can even be used as just your moisturizer.

Sanitas Progressive Skin Health,  Solar Block SPF 17

Sanitas  Solar Block has always been one of my favorites.

Sanítas offers a unique approach to sun protection. Many sun care products feature toxic chemicals that do not offer full spectrum protection from the sun and can actually accelerate the aging process.  Sanítas does not formulate productsgetsanitas-solarblock1 using toxic sunscreen chemicals or drugs. They feature topically delivered sun protection nutrients that respect the skin and enhance its inherent ability to protect itself.  In addition to providing full protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays, Sanítas Solar Block nourishes and heals the skin with ingredients such as Zinc Oxide and anti-aging vitamins.

Now here’s why I love Solar Block.  A pea size dollop protects my face neck and hands.  Less is more with Sanitas and I have a smoother even surface to apply my make up.  I also use Solar Block to finish all my skin care services at my salon.  I wouldn’t trust any other product to protect my clients.

TIZO SheerFoam™ Sun Protection SPF 30 Non-TintedTizoSheerFoamNonTint

My new favorite.  It’s light, it foams.  So cool!!

The gentlest mineral sunscreen uniquely formulated to provide sheer, weightless, non-greasy protection from the sun’s harmful UVA-UVB rays.

TiZO ShearFoam™ SPF 30 is formulated with multiple particle sizes of micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxide into a light foam sunscreen that applies smooth and clear. Its easy application glides on skin for uniform, complete coverage for maximum protection. Formulated for all skin types, this product is free of oils, fragrances, preservatives, and chemical sunscreens. It Contains the #1 and #2 rated sunscreen filters resulting in excellent, broad spectrum protection to help prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness.

I’ve been taking it to the pool with me to protect my face and tattoo.   Then use it to protect my face neck and hands on the way out.  Because it foams it just melts when you put it on and fabulous under my make up.

Garden Goddess Organics, Everyday Natural Sunscreen Continuous Spray

Using naturally occurring minerals and organic, plant-based ingredients, our zinc and titanium-based spray sunscreen provides powerful sun preveryday-natural-sunscreen-6oz-continuous-spray-goddess-garden-organics_largeotection naturally! Our formula is biodegradable, reef safe, and non-nano so you can rest easy while you enjoy the sun without worry.

I picked this product up before I went to St. Martin at the beginning of the year.  Although all the before mentioned sunblocks are great for everyday where for face, neck and hands, I would not recommend them for your whole body on the beach.

Running late and trying to get all the small errands done before I left I realized I didn’t have a sunblock.  I was at Sprouts getting my snacks for the plane, I ran over to the skin care isle and grab this product.

When I woke the next morning, my first full day in St. Martin, I made my coffee and prepared to spend the next few hours at the beach.  Made my coffee and before getting dressed I sprayed myself from head to toe with Garden Goddess, 30 SPF.  I then threw it in my bag with my book and my water and a few other necessities for the beach, drank my coffee and away I went.

I ate breakfast, I soaked up the sun, I swam in the ocean.  About 4 hours later I returned to my condo.  I failed to follow my own recommendations of reapplying, but I wasn’t burnt, scorched, and no bugs had bitten me.

I figured it was just a fluke.

I was more than cautious going forward.

Wow!!  I never burned, scorched, no bugs had bitten me.  I came home with best tan ever.  In other words I didn’t look like a burnt up penny.

With so many options for sun protection there is no reason that you shouldn’t find one to fit your needs.