The Truth Behind Sanitas Skincare Formulation

Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth
Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth

I’m sure you’ve noticed the change in Sanitas Skincare.  The name,  Sanitas Skincare is now Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth.   The packaging which now comes in a box with ingredients and directions.  New products to optimize your skin care regimen.

The improvements to the line have come without compromising the integrity of the line.

Sanitas leverages active ingredients and biogenic co-factors that has always been at the core of it’s delivery systems into even more effective formulations.

They have eliminated controversial ingredients such as PEGs

Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth has thoughtfully and skillfully answered the demand for new products, specifically for oily and combination skin.  They have applied cutting edge ingredient technologies to clean and green existing formulations. Sanitas has also included more product options for pregnant and lactating clients.

To be compliant with FDA labeling regulations Sanitas is now packaging each product in a carton to display the full ingredient deck to enhance clarity and transparency for consumers.  All of the new packaging is recyclable.

I am so happy and excited to use so many of the new products and I am pleased as well that so many of my favorites are still available.