Chamomile Is Not Just For Tea

For at least 25 years I have made a tea out of the Chamomile flower.  I buy it in bulk, an ounce at a time and have made tea most evenings before I go to bed.  I have found I go to sleep faster and have a more restful sleep.

A few years ago, I met a woman from Kuwait across the street from my salon. She was having her morning coffee and invited me to join her.

Her name is Reem and has turned out to be the most interesting woman I have ever met. Reem

Among all the cool information and fun facts about food, jewelry and life she is a skin care guru.

We had come from running errands one day Nora and Reemand she points to my skin and says, “you need some chamomile for your skin to reduce your skin congestion and hyper-pigmentation. ”

I didn’t think I had any skin congestion and hyper-pigmentation and was a little dismayed that that was what she saw when she looked at my skin.

She instructed me to grind up the flower and make the tea before I showered that evening.  I already do that.  This time don’t throw out the flower, instead scrub it on my face and let it dry.  PortionofdriedCamomileWhen it dries dust off the flakes and go to bed.  In the morning, wash my face, moisturize and sunblock as normal.  Do it for two weeks and your skin will be clear and smooth.

The first night it was a bit of a challenge to keep the pulp on my face and it took a very long time to dry. Nora Chamomile  I had not ground up the flower fine enough, but I soon developed a technique that kept the flower on my skin.

I noticed a difference in my skin immediately. It looked as if I had just had a chemical peel, had healed and I was left with smooth clear skin.  This was after one day.

Now, granted my skin is not riddled with acne nor hyper-pigmentation, my problems are small at best, but for someone who is truly struggling  with these skin issues Chamomile Tea Scrub is worthy of a try.

Now, I do this process about once or twice a week or when I see some imbalance.  My skin has never looked better.

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