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Now, let’s talk about the kits.  I love the kit because you have a 30 day supply of product that you can travel with.

 Sanitas Skincare Combination Skin System

The coolest thing about this kit it lets your skin adapt to whatever environment you’re in.   After you get off the plane your skin might need a little extra help, in comes the Glycolic Citrus Cleanser and Glycotoner 5% to the rescue. The rest of the products in the kit can be used alternately.  Find your own road.  That’s what these kits are designed for.

Glycolic Citrus Cleanser (progressive cleanser) – exfoliates the skin, provides anti-aging benefits, fades hyperpigmentation.

Enzymatic Foaming Cleanser (daily cleanser) – Lifts surface impurities without irritating while gentle foaming agents resurface, detoxify and brighten.

GlycoSolution 5% (treatment) exfoliates skin, minimizes pores, softens fine lines, helps lighten hyper-pigmentation, NaPCA helps hydrate.

Moisture Mist – Stimulates skin immunity, hydrates, softens, slows the aging process, aids in the spreadablity of the Vita Rich Serum.

Weightless Serum – Reduces congestion, brightens dark spots, balances oil and defends against the signs of aging.

Balancing Moisturizer – Lightweight moisturizer tones and nourishes the skin, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .


Sanitas Skincare Dry Skin System

No, I don’t have dry skin but the Dry Skin Kit is my fav!

It’s my favorite because it is mildly exfoliating.  It’s got the Milk & Honey Cleanser, lactic acid from the milk and friendly enzymes from the honey gives you soft supple skin.  If you need to boost what you’re doing you’ve got the Vitamin C Lactic Cleanser and exfoliating cleanser designed to soften and reduce hyper-pigmentation.  What’s cool about lactic is it can actually retard oily production.  Lactic is a natural humectant and will tell your skin it doesn’t need to make more oil.  Ironic the dry kit is good for oily people as well.

Vitamin C Lactic Cleanser (progressive cleanser) – gently exfoliates and softens skin, provides anti-aging benefits.

Milk & Honey Cleanser (daily cleanser) – gently removes impurities while nourishing dry, dehydrated skin.

Hydrating Brightening Solution – A gentle, exfoliating treatment designed to resurface skin texture without causing irritation.

Moisture Mist – Hydrating spray improves spreadability and penetration of moisturizers.

Natural Moisture Factor – 100% active, preservative-free moisturizing serum.

Topical C – Delivers a concentrated close of Lipophilic Vitamin C.