Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to your Awe-inspiring Dad!

I’ve often told my mom she married the urban myth. A man with ambition and education, devoted to her and their children, willing to share his life with not only our family but to also give to others.

My Mom & DadMy mom and dad met on a blind date. My dad always maintained that when he saw my mother’s eyes he knew that was the woman he would marry. My mom thought,

“At least he’s not a dog.”

Countless letters and presents to follow, my dad was in the military, when he was finally released they were official. Dated for a minute and then, yes, a ring and a date.


43 years together, 45 if you go back to the time they met, my dad past August 7, 2000.

We miss him daily!

All the drive, inspiration and knowledge that I have, comes from my dad. He always told me,

“Whatever you do Ellie, be the best! “

He was the most awe-inspiring person I’ve ever had the privilege to know.







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