More on Sanitas Skincare Systems


I’ve talked about Sanitas Progressive Skinhealth Combination System and Dry System,  here is information on Normal, Oily and Sensitive.

What’s cool about these systems is the amount of product for yo to find out what works for you.  If used properly the travel size kits are about 30 days worth of product.

When using Sanitas less is more.  For instance, when using the serums spritz some Moisture Mist on your face then spread two or three drops of serum into your skin until you have a matte finish, it take about 30 seconds.

Use only a pea size amount of cleanser, lather for the length of a song.

What do I mean by that?

Most of us when we wash our face we put the product on and rinse it off.  Instead, put the product on your face and neck and start singing your favorite song.  keep moving the product around and lathering until you finish the song.  Now rinse.

Use your active products in the kit as much as two to three nights per week.  If you use a Clarisonic or any other exfoliating device that is the night to go big.  The rest of the week let your skin rest and grow back and regenerate itself.

When I speak of active products I’m talking about any products with acids or scrubs, especially your Clarisonic.  Please don’t exfoliate more than 3 nights per week, and only exfoliate at night.