Stop Exfoliating!!

Or why does my skin look so bad?

So many of you are coming in complaining about you skin.  Or, better yet, tell me how muchyour exfoliating and expecting fabulous results when you’ve been way to much to your skin.

Stop Doing the Most!!

Whether it be scrubs, enzymes, peels, retinol, or any combination, used on a daily basis is breaking down the resiliency of your skin, making yourself break out and giving you more sensitive skin than you deserve.

When you use exfoliants everyday, every week, even every other day depending on your sin type, you’re not letting your skin recover.

Your skin needs to grow back.  It needs to renew itself and if you are constantly exfoliating, it does have a chance to recover.

Now, if you have been exfoliating with any product that has scrubs, enzymes, peels, retinol, or any combination for more than six months, please stop for the rest of the month.  Take two weeks off.  if you’ve been exfoliating like this for more than a year stop for a month.  Give your skin a rest!

“At Sanitas, we kind of view skin exfoliation as “exercising the skin”. Just as you wouldn’t exercise the same muscle group two days in a row, we don’t want you to exercise your skin every day. Exactly like your muscles, your skin needs a day off to rest and grow. So you only need to use your active products at most 3 to 4 times per week to get strong, healthy skin!” says Lisa CrarySanitas Owner and CEO.

What you should use for the next few weeks?  Nourishing cleansers like Sanitas Lemon Cream Cleanser, Moisturizing Cleanser; moisturizers, Pepetiderm Anti-aging Products, and sun block.  This is actually what you should be doing for the summer, especially in Colorado.  For you new comers and natives that need to be reminded, we are a mile or more closer to the sun, please protect your skin.





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